Democracy in India | Essay | Definition

Democracy in India | Essay | Definition

Democracy in India

Democracy in ancient society me only the political democracy. The number of citizen included some feudal lords and the rich people alone alone. They enjoy the right to participate in government administration. The slaves who are in majority did not enjoy any rights. Democracy was only for the master 4 and administration for their own interest.

What is Modern Democracy?

Democracy in India

Modern democracy mean that the entire power of deciding the administrative policy and running the government lies in the hand of people citizens. The people citizen enjoy equal rights. They participate in running the administration directory or indirectly. The government is of the people for the people and by the people. The representatives of people forms law and legislative bodies, keeping in view the good of the people.

All the people about particular age are deemed as citizen. They equal and full right to take part in the political activities of the country regardless to their caste creed sex or status. Modern democracies are indirect democracy. The citizens run the government through their elected representatives who make law and run the government. They are held responsible to the public for activities and function. There is a great difference between the rule and the rulers. The people can remove their representative from office if they fail to come to their expectations.

Modern democracy is based on the principle of equality and liberty. The peoples are the real source of power in it. All the citizen enjoy equal right in every sphere in it. No one can remain in power forever. Election are held periodically after fixed and a specified period in modern democracies. All the citizen can contest election can excise the right to vote or can hold and office under the government without any discrimination of any kind.

India the user and England have direct democracy. India is the largest democracy in the world. She is fraught with the largest number of problem. The illiterate Indian citizens are shrewd politicians. As a result, the elect wrong type of representatives. The elected representatives spread nepotism bank lawlessness and grow their bank balance. The wolf in sheep’s clothing resort to bribery. Some shrewd politician change the political party at will when they are wasted in that it at stake. The overdue government controls should also be softened and local self governing body should be empowered to take decision over local issues. Defection should be banned.

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Problems of Indian democracy and their solution

Democracy in India

Although India is a free country now, yet many social and economic problem hinder the problem in that the proper functioning of Indian democracy they are the main problem this through the progress of our nation.

1. Communalism

It formens in sense of the jealousy and bitter hatred between various communities. It gives rise to riots and disorder. It also generate rivalry and difference of opinion. The stand in the way of national integration. Democracy cannot flourish in absence of peace order tolerance Liberty brotherhood equality and respect for moral values. Communalism March the noble qualities and stand in the way of democracy.


It stands for treating some caste superior to other caste. It creates abominable feeling of high born and low born. This feeling is against by the spirit of democracy. The people in the in a caste-ridden society cast their vote in favour of candidate who belongs their own caste. It increases exploitation of the lower caused by the higher caste. It harms democracy a great deal.

3.Inequality of women

Democracy is based on equality between men and women. Democracy loses it meaning if women are deprived to the equal social status. Women in India are disregarded qualified insulted and maltreated by man. This discrimination stand in the path of smooth functioning of democracy.

4.Economic Inequality

It breeds hatred and rivalry and result in the exploitation of one classify the other. It renders the political right meaning less by the harming the state of equality equality, fraternity. The landless labourers have to earn their living by working on the form of a rich farmers. The land owners lead and luxurious life but the landless labourers are too poor to make both in meet. The growth of industries has also cause of faith economic disparity between workers and mill owners. With growth of the industries, cities have become the centre of wealth and wisdom but the village are stipped in poverty and ignorance. Agriculture is in India is not profitable because there is a lack of modern tools and techniques and sophisticated agriculture appliances and implements.

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India’s population has increased manifold. It nullified the progress made by her in different field and creepers all the plan and project being launched for making economic progress.


  • We can solve this problem in following ways religious and moral education should be encouraged. It would is the people to respect and tolerate all the religions. The mass media can eradicate the evil of communalism.
  • The student and the people should be made aware that casteism is grade hurdle in the unification of the country. The government should declare untouchability as a punishment offence. Strict laws should be made to remove the social evil of the casteism.
  • Women should be imported higher education. It would create icon conscious among them about their site and would enable to exert for their due place in the society. Inequalities of women with men should be eradicated through legislation.
  • The government should educate young couple against the horror of overpopulation. They should be given incentives to check the rise in population growth. Public opinion should be created in favour of population control and small families.
  • Forming should be developed on scientific lines.Nature resources should be fully exploited. Taxes should be levied in such a way that affluent section of the society should be the major sphere of comparison with the poor people.


So Hope you will have understood Democracy of India very well through this post. If you want me to post democracy of india in hindi ,please suggest in comment box .

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